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Today: 4/19/18


Principal's Message

Dear Crestview Families,


The school year is moving along quickly; we just celebrated the 100th day of school!  Please take a moment to look at Dates to Remember, on the front of this web page as well as the calendar (important dates are set through the holidays). 


Crestview is the proud home of CATS Academy, our Creative Arts, Technology, and Science focus.  Throughout the school year, every student will experience all four modules:  Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Science Exploration, Technology/Engineering.  The students in the performing arts module will participate in a culminating, evening performance.  The show for this year is  called Peace, Love and a Whole Lotta Silly (a throwback to the 60's music).  


Crestview's teachers employ a wide variety of innovative, creative, rigorous, and highly engaging instructional strategies, all of which are aligned with the California State Standards.  


Your child’s educational experience is profoundly influenced by parent and family involvement.  Family support and commitment are the foundation of what we do at Crestview;  our success is not possible without family engagement.   I encourage you to be involved to make your child's experience at Crestview remarkable and successful. I look forward to working with you!


Nora Kuntz,