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Kimberlin Vise Locker

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Kimberlin Vise Locker

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Everyday Math

Mrs. Vise

Welcome to Room 12! We love 1st and 2nd Grade!!

You can see our newsletter and assignments online!  I'm so happy to be able to give you information.  If you need to contact me (Mrs. Vise) you can email me at 


See you soon,

Mrs. Vise


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Week of May 21, 2018

No news posted


Dear parents,

I can't believe we only have 9 more days of school.  We will start IBAGY Camp this Wednesday (It's Been A Good Year).  We will daily be reading, writing, doing math games, and science. We will be sharing a small made-up recipe snack also starting on Thursday.  I have asked for kids to bring in some items.  It is going to be fun.  Meanwhile, I will also be assessing kids for report cards which come out the very last day of school.  Have a great week!


Mrs. Vise 

Every night students are to read for 20 minutes or more.

They are assigned Home Readers, and will be responsible for their own homework.  Every child should be adding a sticker, daily, to their Home Reading chart.  

Students are to study both addition and subtraction flash cards for math timed test.


1st Grade

Monday-Thursday - 1 page problem solving

2nd Grade                                                                              

Monday- No School

Tuesday- Math p. 781-782

Wednesday-Math p. 787-788

Thursday-No math homework for the rest of the year.




Houghton Mifflin Games

Click here to play the vocabulary game. Play the egame for the story of the week!

Spelling Words, Dictation Sentences, and Vocabulary Words (with some extra activities)

1st Grade Spelling Words   


far    arm   yard    art    jar     bar    barn     bark    card    yarn



1st Grade High Frequency Words

and, you, be, play, help, with, for, he, what, look, have, too, do, sing, find,no, funny, they, all, me, my, does, here, who, friend, full, good, hold, many, pull, away, call, every, hear, come, said, animal, how, make, of, some, why, her, our, she, today, would, down green, open, fall, grow, yellow, goes, new, four, starts, five, three, into, two, over, watch, bird, both, eyes, fly, long, or, those, walk,about,by, could, don’t, maybe, sure, there, first, right, under, food, sometimes, your, ground, these, done, paper, were, great,    soon, work, laugh, talk,  door, old, want, more, try, wash, mother, use, dark, cold, under,  other, shut, head, called, warm,

few, window, shall,  night, noise,  world, loudly,   story










2nd Grade Spelling Words

car, dark, arm, star, park, yard, party, hard, farm, start, part, spark




2nd Grade High Frequency Words

around, be, five, help, next, or, pull, take, until, walked, bring, children, comes, do, family, like, make, those, use, with, city, full other, places, put, school, sing, think, this,by, cheer, could, hello, hundred, mind, play, read, see, today, both, cold, eat, find, green, little, long, says, table, we, air, car, cried, fully, he, pictures, pretty, told, try, window, most, myself, three, work, before, eye, few, happy, high, my, open, people, starts, yellow, another, far, grow, hard, heard, kind, light, more, some, to, against, along, bird, different, girl, hold, morning, night, part, someone, about, everything, first, her, of slowly, store, story, two, world,after, book, care, ever, live, new, off, over, small, thought,also, look, fly, river, gone, said, have, horse, saw, something, any,  room, blue, studied, carry, sure, doing, teacher, else, turned, always, anything, been, draw, friends,  mother, soon, under, watch, words, grandma, grandpa, together, catch, group, miles,  are, baby didn't good, I'll, is, please, sound, talk, too