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Kimberlin Vise Locker
8/22/14 9:57 AM
11/9/16 9:16 PM
10/4/17 11:30 AM
Welcome to Room 12! We love 1st Grade!!

You can see our newsletter and assignments online at the Crestview website or Simi Valley Unified School District!  I'm so happy to be able to give you information.  If you need to contact me (Mrs. Vise) you can email me at 


See you soon,

Mrs. Vise

Kimberlin Vise Locker
8/22/14 9:57 AM
11/9/16 9:16 PM
10/4/17 11:30 AM

Mrs. Vise

Week of February 24, 2020
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Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.  This is where I post news, important dates, and homework.  I also connect kids to certain Math and Language Arts websites.

Posted 8/25/19

Dear Parents,

This week we will read a genre of non-fiction.  Our new story is called, "Where Does Food Come From?".   In math, this week we start Time to the nearest hour and half hour..  Our class is working very hard on the CATS Academy music performance.  I hope to see you there this Thursday, at 5:00.  Friday is our field trip to the Moorpark Zoo.  Saturday, we will perform at the Simi Valley Library at 11:15.  Please arrive at 10:30  Thank you for your support.


Mrs. Vise


Every night, students are to read for 20 minutes, and complete their math lesson packet, Monday through Thursday.  

Your child is assigned a "Home Reader", and they will be responsible for their own homework.  Every child should be adding a sticker, daily, to their Home Reading paper. They are to have a Home Reader and a math page with little to few math problems to turn in to me the following day.  Please make sure they bring their Homework Folder, every day, to and from school.

Students are to study both addition and subtraction flash cards for math tests.






Upcoming Events



2/19 - Toppers Fundraiser

2/20 - Medal of Honor Rewards

2/27 - Performance at School 5:15 - CATS Academy

2/28 - Moorpark Zoo Field Trip (Permission slips go out this week)

2/29 - Performance at Simi Valley Library The Hat Reader's Theater, 11:15 a.m. Be there at 11:00.

Every Friday is Yoga Class, in the MPR, for kids!!!!!!!!

7:30 in the MPR Room


Spelling Words and High Frequency Words

Spelling, Dictation,  and High Frequency Words for the week February 10, 2020

Spelling: me, be, read, feet, tree, keep, eat, mean, sea, these


 Dictation Sentences :

  1. What could he do about it?

  2. They don’t know for sure if it’s helpful.


High Frequency Words: about, by, car, could, don’t, maybe, sure, there





High Frequency Words for the entire First Grade year(Journeys - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

and, you, be, play, help, with, he, look, have, too, for, what, do, sing, find, they, all, funny, me, my, does, here, who, friend, full, good, hold, many, pull, away, every, call, hear, come, said, animal, how, of, some, make, why, her, today, our, she, now, would, blue, cold, far, little live, their, water, where, before, eye, few, happy, high, open, people, starts, yellow, after, read, draw, was, pictures, write, eat, put, give, small, one, take, been, never, own, brown, off, very, know, out, door, green, open, fall, grow, goes, new, four, five, into, over, starts, three, two, watch, bird, fly, both, eyes, long, or, those, walk, around, bring, show, because, carry, think, before, light, about, by, car, could, don't, maybe, sure, there, first, right, under, food, sometimes, your, ground, these, done, great, laugh, paper, soon, talk, were, work, door, more, mother, old, try, use, want, wash, few, window, shall, night, noise, world, loudly, story, baby, begins, eight, follow, learning, until, years, young, again, along, began, boy, father, house, nothing, together, ready, kinds, covers, country, earth, warms, soil, almost, above, bear, even, pushed, studied, surprised, teacher, toward, always, happy, once, different, high, stories, enough, near, across, head, second, ball, heard, should, cried, large, caught, thought, beautiful, took, minute, friendship, listen, idea