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Recommended Websites

Scholastic - The company we use for book orders.  Their website offers advice, recommendations, and games.

High Frequency Words - Lists of high frequency words

Math Forum - This website provides links to a variety of online resources.

Discovery - This website provides links to a variety of channels including TLC, Animal Planet, and Discovery channel.  The site includes interactive games and resources.

Thinkquest - This site helps teach literacy, 5th grade level.  Students can access the site to help them with writing.

Funbrain - Math games, reading books, comic books, and games for parents and kids can be found on this website.

Starfall - Excellent primary reading material.

NASA - Information on the Space Team, the Aerospace Team, the Solar System, Deep Space, and Woman of NASA.

Exploratorium - Play with over 650 hands on exhibits.  Students and teachers can take virtual field trips on the site.

The White House - Learn all about the White House, the Presidents, First Ladies, the latest happenings in Washington, and much more.

National Geographic - Articles and resources not found in the magazine.

Disney Surf Swell Island Adventures in Internet Safety - A Disney program that teaches parents and children about Internet safety.

CA Dept of Education - Official website for the California Department of Education

Home2School - An interactive website for parents to refresh their memory on long forgotten skills.  Parents can also find reading books for their children by grade level or interest.